How the Electric Tea Kettles Have Changed Over the Years

The electric tea kettles were invented by Arthur Leslie Large in the year 1922. It was the first of its kind and was quite different from the traditional kettle that could only be used over a stove. You only had to simply plug it in the power source and it boiled away your tea. Tea making had never been easier! This new kettle meant you could brew your tea even as other meals cooked on the stove. The days of cooking only one thing at a time were now over. Even better, modifications were on the way. In 1930, the automatic power cut off was added so that the kettle could switch off automatically when the tea boiled. Before the power cut-off was invented, the tea would boil and spill if you got busy, distracted or moved away from the kettle. Best copper tea kettle With this feature, you no longer had to stand by as the tea boiled. Yet another modification happened in 1959.This is when the electric tea kettles were developed in the classic K2 style.

From then, the electric tea kettles have continued to evolve. We now have cordless models in the market. This type of kettle simply sits on a heating element plugged into the wall and is lifted once the water has boiled. The water is poured and the kettle is returned to its place to await the next use. Other than the cordless electric tea kettles, the good old electric kettle with a cord is now available in different shapes and sizes. There is an appropriate size for everyone, whether staying alone or in a big family.

The most recent invention was made in Britain, where energy conserving electric tea kettles were developed. This kettle can be filled to the brim but has a compartment for those who want to boil a little water. Siphon the amount you want to boil into the compartment and let it heat. It takes a shorter time and less electricity too.

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