Get Familiar with CBD Oil Extraction Methods

How hemp-based CBD oil gets extracted seems an unimportant thing. Nevertheless, it can give a highly different end product, which can diversely impact your health. Therefore, it is important to understand and ask about how brands extract their hemp-based CBD oil.

Awareness of CBD oil benefits has increased a lot in the last couple of years. So, on you will find varieties of CBD products that include edibles, topical creams, tinctures, oils, etc. Each one offers a unique way of helping people.  Cbd.Com is a reliable online source for purchasing different kinds of CBD products.

How CBD oil gets extracted from the hemp plant?

The whole process begins with finding a rich and organic hemp plant source. If the hemp source is not considered seriously, then you can get CBD oil contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals.

Extraction helps to eliminate the undesirable compounds like plant lipids and waxes, but proper extraction process will ensure that nearly all desirable plant components get maintained. In general, there are three common methods that majority of companies use to extract CBD.

CO2 extraction

It is the most advanced and best technique for extracting CBD. The CO2 extraction process is complex and expensive. If done correctly, you get a safe, chlorophyll-free, and potent extract.

  • A closed-loop extractor with three chambers is used. The first holds solid pressurized CO2, the second holds dried hemp plant material, and the third separate the resulting product.
  • From the first chamber, CO2 gets pumped in the second compartment and transforms it into supercritical CO2 form [between liquid & gas state]. It moves across the plant material and extracts cannabinoids, which gets pumped in the third chamber, where CO2 rises leaving extract at the bottom.


Solvents like ethanol, propane, butane, alcohol, or isopropyl are used in the solvent extraction method. It is a fast, easy, and less expensive alternative to extract CBD. As the solvents have highly inflammable contents, it is the most dangerous method.

  • Plant and flower trimmings are collected in a container.
  • The material gets soaked with the solvent.
  • As the solvent runs through the material cannabinoids get stripped.
  • In the evaporation process, the concentrated cannabinoids are left in oil form.

The downside is that it extracts the chlorophyll that gives the CBD oil a bitter taste. Besides, plant waxes that hold some nutrients get dissolved. Sometimes, the solvent residue remains if the evaporation step is not done properly.

Olive oil

It is the traditional way of CBD extraction. It is a simple, safe, and cheap method.

  • Raw plant material gets heated to a specific temperature for a particular time, so chemicals inside gets activated.
  • Olive oil is added and the mixture gets heated again. In this process, the cannabinoids get extracted.
  • There is no evaporation process, so the extract you get is not concentrated like in the other methods.

As the CBD extract is less concentrated, the dosage to be taken will increase. The problem with the olive oil extraction method is the end product is highly perishable. You need to store it in a dark, cook area. Therefore, many CBD producers avoid this method.

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