High-quality CBD Products are quite expensive – Know Why the Price Is High

CBD oil offers therapeutic benefits to users, from relieving anxiety to managing stress, and many more. People who are going to use it for the first time will get many questions in their minds. One of those important questions is why CBD is quite expensive? If you want to know the answer to this question, then you must know about the manufacturing process of CBD.

People often determine the quality of a product depending on various factors including price. In general, the cost of potent CBD oil is $50-$200 for a bottle.

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Agricultural cost

Suppose you want to grow hemp plants on l0-acres land, then the amount required for the whole growing process is approximately $151,950. It involves the cost of plants, machinery, irrigation system, land rent, and fertilizers, weed control, licensing fee, labor, and more. This gives an idea of the cost involved in the process.

The manufacturing process of CBD

Farm Bill 2014 has allowed the cultivation of hemp in many states under a steer program. There is a lack of resources and machinery as hemp cultivation is illegal in the country for decades. Moreover, each product has to undergo tests at every stage to confirm that it contains THC less than or equal to 0.3%. The manufacturing process of CBD is quite complicated

The following is some information on the manufacturing process of CBD that helps you to understand why CBD products are expensive.


Few manufactures grow seedlings themselves, while others purchase from specialty growers. The cost of a hemp plant is nearly $4 and it may get down with the growth of the CBD industry. In general, a grower will use a greenhouse to grow seedlings. Seeds will be planted in trays by keeping at a distance of 5’x 6′.

Preparing land

The farmer will send the samples of soil for testing to determine pesticides, heavy metals, soil amendments, and fertilization levels. Also, the farmer has to install an irrigation system, adjust the pH of the soil, and raise beds to conserve the moisture of the soil.


Before planting, the farmer irrigates the land based on the soil moisture and weather. At first, he makes holes with a mounted-transplanter in the plastic mulch and seedlings and then replaces the plants manually. This process will be done after 4 weeks of growing seedlings.

Fertilization and irrigation

The farmer has to start irrigation 30 days after transplantation. Water will be supplied to the plants based on the weather. According to studies, a farmer has to apply fertilizers all through the growing process.

Pest management

The cultivation of CBD will have a 4-fold pest control system. They are:

  • Trapping Vertebrates
  • Reducing weed pressure
  • Controlling mites and insects
  • Controlling diseases


The final stage of the process is harvest. Mostly, the autumn season is the best time to derive CBD but varies based on the maturity of the plant.

Due to the above process, the cost of a CBD product is relatively high. Gather information of the stores that offer the finest quality CBD products, choose the best one, and order today to enjoy its benefits.

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